All Stars

Harry Keegan  Tom Heneghan  Mickie Freyne

Three Castlerea St Kevin’s footballers. Three Roscommon Senior Footballers. Three All-Star Award winners.

Between them, they won FIVE All-Stars, with Harry Keegan winning THREE. It’s a remarkable achievement to have five awards in one club in Roscommon, something which meant a lot to each of them and to all members of the club.

“It’s great recognition, not just for me but for the club. It means a lot and is recognition of a lot of people who day in, day out do a lot of work and hardly ever get a look in. If it wasn’t for all the people around Castlerea that helped out, I would never have got to that stage,” said Tom Heneghan, a feeling shared by Mickie Freyne.

“It meant so much. The All-Stars had only been introduced really. The All-Stars were new and it was a big thing to win one then. But of course I wouldn’t have won one were it not for the great players I had around me, both in the county scene and all the people who had worked so hard in the club over the years.”